Group Company of Sealocean is Suppliers, Manufacturers and factory, we offer top quality and commetitive electric motor CHINA FACTORY HIGH VOLTAGE WOUND ROTOR SLIP RING MOTORS YRKK,10KV,6 KV. CHINA FACTORY HIGH VOLTAGE MOTORS FOR A SUGAR FACTORY, STEEL MILL, CEMENT, COAL MINE, PUMP, FAN

Our main Motor products can be divided into 8 categories with 50 kinds of specifications as follow: 1) YB2 Series Explosion-proof Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors for Factory and Mining 2) YBS, YBK2, YBF2, YBD2, YBGB2, YBPT, YBJ Series Explosion-proof Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors for Mining 3) Y, YKK, YKS (6KV, 10KV), H355-H800 High Voltage Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors 4) YR, YRKK, YRKS (6KV, 10KV), H355-H710 Inserted-line High Voltage Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors 5) YB H355-H800 Series Explosion-proof High Voltage Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors (6KV, 10KV) 6) T, TL, TK Series Synchronous Motors and TAW Increased-safety Explosion-proof Synchronous Motors7)YR (IP23), YR (IP44), YR 2 (IP54), YR3 (IP54), JR, JRL, YRL series wound rotor motors and RSBX oilfield special rotor variable frequency regulation speed motors;YZR,YR3,YZ,YZP series motors for metallur giga and hoisting applications and variable frequency regulation speed motors; Y、Y2、Y3、JS、JSL、YL series cage rotor motors and variable frequency regulation speed motors;YTS series motors for hoisting; 8)D. C. Motor series includes Z .Z2 ,Z710Gseries, Z4 series, ZZJ800 series for mill auxiliary, ZSN4 series for cement rotary kiln, ZYZJ series for sugar cane mill, ZFQZ series frequency starting and braking type, 

power plant and Steel mill importer buy:
YRKK8001-12, 1120KW, 96A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8002-12, 1250KW, 107A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8003-12, 1400KW, 118A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9001-12, 1600KW, 135A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9002-12, 1800KW, 151A, 500 RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK9003-12, 2000KW, 166A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10001-12, 2240KW, 185A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10002-12, 2500KW, 204A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10003-12, 2800KW, 228A, 500 RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7101-16, 500KW, 44A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7102-16,560KW, 48A, 375 RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7103-16, 630KW, 54A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8001-16, 710KW, 61A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8002-16, 800KW, 68A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8003-16, 900KW, 76A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8004-16, 1000KW, 84A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9001-16, 1120KW, 95A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9002-16, 1250KW, 105A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9003-16, 1400KW, 117A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10001-16, 1600KW, 132A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10002-16, 1800KW, 136A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10003-16, 2000KW, 151A, 375 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7101-4, 2000KW, 139A, 1500RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7102-4, 2240KW, 156A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7103-4, 2500KW, 173A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7104-4, 2800KW, 193A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK8001-4, 3150KW, 218A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK8002-4, 3550KW, 244A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK8003-4, 4000KW, 274A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK8004-4, 4500KW, 308A, 1500RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7101-6, 1600KW, 122A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7102-6, 1800KW, 136A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7103-6, 2000KW, 151A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK8001-6, 2240KW, 167A, 1000RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8002-6, 2500KW, 187A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK8003-6, 2800KW, 209A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK9001-6, 3150KW, 234A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK9002-6, 3550KW, 264A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK9003-6, 4000KW, 297A, 1000RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7101-8, 1120KW, 88A, 750RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7102-8, 1250KW, 98A, 750RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7103-8, 1400KW, 110A, 750RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7104-8, 1600KW, 125A, 750RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8001-8, 1800KW, 139A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8002-8, 2000KW, 154A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8003-8, 2240KW, 172A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9001-8, 2500KW, 192A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9002-8, 2800KW, 215A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10001-8, 3150KW, 237A, 750 RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK10002-8, 3550KW, 266A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10003-8, 4000KW, 300A, 750 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7101-10, 1000KW, 81A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7102-10, 1120KW, 90A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7103-10, 1250KW, 101A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8001-10, 1400KW, 111A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8002-10, 1600KW, 127A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK8003-10, 1800KW, 143A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9001-10, 2000KW, 158A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK9002-10, 2240KW, 177A, 600 RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK10001-10, 2500KW, 195A, 600 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK10002-10, 2800KW, 218A, 600 RPM, 10kV, 10000V
YRKK7101-12, 710KW, 62A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7102-12, 800KW, 70A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7103-12, 900KW, 79A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
YRKK7104-12, 1000KW, 86A, 500 RPM, 10KV, 10000V
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