SEALOCEAN is a LEADING manufacturer of Winch,Hoist, AC-DC motors,Pump and generators, valve,reductor more than 30 years of ENGINEERING know-how applied to new technologies, innovation and customised solutions.

Its activity dates back to 1990, when firstly started to design and produce customised electric motors,pump,reductor ,valve for industrial applications.Since then its ability to focus on continuous technology development and provide high quality motors has led to increasingly success, proven by todays’ facts and figures.

The company's sales territory spans five continents and covers major developed countries around the world. More than 50% of the company's products are exported to Europe and the United States. The domestic market is mainly supporting advanced manufacturing, and it is widely used in metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, ports, wind power, cement, papermaking, textiles, new energy vehicles, water treatment and other industries.

The company has a special motor research center and a graduate workstation, and has introduced a number of senior engineers and experienced industry application experts. The number of designers exceeds 10% of the company's total number. We use a variety of international advanced design software and application simulation software, combined with rich practical experience and perfect process verification, through continuous iteration and optimization, to ensure that our products maintain the leading level in the industry.

The company has obtained a number of honorary qualifications such as “high-tech enterprise”, “Industrial design Demonstration Enterprise” and “Special Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center” in Jiangsu Province, and has a number of international and domestic certifications, covering quality system, environment, safety, energy efficiency, classification societies and other aspects. Including ISO9001, ISO14001; 3C, CE、

The company has established a complete quality management system and invested nearly 20 million yuan to establish an intelligent motor performance testing center to provide accurate high-voltage and low-voltage motor test data feedback for research and development, and to ensure the performance and quality of factory products.
CHINA FACTORY YKK3553-4 315 KW 6 KV, YKK5004-10 280 KW 10 KV / IP55 IC611,YKK5005-6 710KW 10000v,YKK6305-6 1800KW 10KV,IP54,YKK630-2 2500KW 6KV,YKK900 -8 3150KW 10KV,YKK400-2W 315KW 10000V,YKK6302-6 1...
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China Factory High Voltage Electric Motor, DC Electric Motor, Inverter Electric Motor Typical Sales Figures
China factory Group of companies "Sealocean " from China!"Sealocean" supplies electric motors Y2,YE3,YE4,YBX3,YB2,YB3,YGP,YZR,YZP,YZ,REDUCER, pump High voltage electric motor YKK,YKS,YRKK,YPKK,TDMK,YS...
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China factory Sealocean High voltage Slip Ring motor YRKK630-6 1250KW 10KV high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet
China factory Group of companies "Sealocean " from China!"Sealocean" supplies electric motors Y2,YE3,YE4,YBX3,YB2,YB3,YGP,YZR,YZP,YZ,REDUCER, pump High voltage electric motor YKK,YKS,YRKK,YPKK,TDMK,YS...
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Manufacturing process and structural characteristics of YKK high-power high-voltage box-type motor,Group of company Sealocean
High-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors of the YKK series, High-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors of the YKK, YKK, YXKK series, Rated voltage/frequency: 10000 V, 6000 V or 3000 V, 50 Hz, YK...
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GROUP OF COMPANY SEALOCEAN- we are leading manufacture for electric motor, Our main Motor products can be divided into 8 categories with 50 kinds of specifications as follow: 1) YB2 Series Explosion-proof Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors for... [View More]
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