China factory Sealocean High voltage Slip Ring motor YRKK630-6 1250KW 10KV high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet

 China factory Sealocean High voltage Slip ring  motor YRKK630-6 1250KW 10KV high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet
High voltage winding motor YRKK630-6 1250KW 10KV high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet
The use of high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet on cage motor
At present, the development of high-voltage motors in my country is rapid, but the supporting starting equipment is relatively old. Although the traditional reactor voltage reduction can obtain a large starting torque under the same starting conditions, it is difficult to meet the requirements of stable starting and small impact. Not low either. So we provide users with high pressure hydraulic resistance soft start cabinet. The high-pressure liquid resistance soft-start cabinet is suitable for high-voltage large and medium-capacity squirrel-cage motors.
High-voltage hydraulic resistance soft start cabinet (motor 380kw-40000kw) is suitable for soft start and protection of large and medium-sized squirrel cage asynchronous motors or synchronous motors with rated voltage of 3kv-10kv, especially for enterprises with insufficient power grid capacity.

Under certain static conditions, it has the same performance as the reactor, and under dynamic conditions, it can realize stepless continuous start. Because the high-voltage hydraulic resistance soft start cabinet utilizes the negative temperature characteristics of the hydraulic resistance, the motor voltage gradually increases, the starting torque gradually increases, and the motor starts smoothly. In particular, the system is simple in structure, strong in reliability, not only economical and applicable, but also easy to install and operate, and easy to maintain.
The high-voltage hydraulic resistance soft-start cabinet is connected to the motor starting circuit through the high-voltage switch cabinet, and has the functions of starting the motor and cutting off the power circuit, so that the high-voltage hydraulic resistance soft-starting cabinet can be completed independently, and has a protective function during the starting process to avoid long-term live electricity. The high-voltage hydraulic resistance soft-start cabinet is connected in series with the main circuit of the squirrel-cage motor. Taking advantage of its characteristic of balancing the three-phase resistance changes with temperature, when the resistance is charged with current, the temperature of the resistance gradually increases, and the resistance gradually decreases, so that the motor terminal voltage and starting torque gradually increase, so as to realize the stable starting of the motor and reduce the The purpose of starting current.

The starting current of the high-voltage hydraulic resistance cabinet after soft start is 2~3.3 times of the rated current of the motor, which reduces the starting heat of the motor and effectively prolongs the service life of the motor. Guarantee - successful secondary startup, not affected by grid voltage fluctuations and load fluctuations; stable startup process, no impact on mechanical equipment; little impact on the grid, grid voltage drop less than 5% during startup. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.
1. The starting control system is divided into a transmission part, a hydraulic resistance part and a control part. High-voltage cage type liquid resistance soft start cabinet, high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet, high pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet, its main working feature is that a special liquid resistance is connected in series in the stator circuit of the motor, and this resistance is automatically put in when the motor starts. And automatically, steplessly, and continuously cut off within a predetermined time, so that the motor can start smoothly under ideal starting current and conditions;
2. It has various protections such as start-up timeout and over-temperature;
3. The starting is smooth, and the starting torque of the motor is gradually increased from small to large, so that the mechanical equipment starts smoothly, without impact, no whistling, and the mechanical equipment can smoothly pass the resonance speed;
4. The operation is simple, the installation and maintenance are convenient, the starting current can be adjusted in real time, and the voltage drop of the grid can be effectively controlled;
5. PLC control cabinet can be used according to user requirements, and can realize remote control to meet the requirements of DCS control system.

With the development of my country's economic construction, there are more and more high-voltage and large-capacity electric transmission equipment, among which 10KV (6KV) AC transmission is developing rapidly. The primary problem in the operation of high-voltage large and medium-capacity AC motors is starting. Although direct starting has the advantages of simplicity, economy, and short starting time, the large starting current (usually 5 to 7 times the rated current) brings overcurrent impact to the power grid and motor, which is also a serious problem that cannot be ignored. Practice has proved that even if the grid capacity allows direct starting, the direct starting current will cause great harm to the thermal shock and electric shock of the motor. Even if the motor is directly started in a short period of ten seconds, the temperature will rise sharply by about 150°C, which often causes damage to the motor or shortens its service life. Especially when the load torque on the motor shaft is large, the start-up time will increase, and the direct start will be more harmful. In addition, some equipment and processes require soft start, and direct start of the equipment will cause shock and damage, or affect product quality, so the high-pressure liquid resistance soft start cabinet came into being.
The high-pressure liquid resistance soft-start cabinet can be used in heavy-duty starting of various large and medium-sized high-voltage motors for pumps in metallurgy, building materials, mining, petroleum, chemical, water supply, electric power and other industries, such as fans, compressors, rolling mills, crushers, belt type Conveyor etc. The high-pressure liquid resistance soft-start cabinet is an ideal substitute for the traditional reactor depressurization start-up and direct start-up.
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