Y YKS YKK YRKS High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

Y YKS YKK YRKS High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
Central height: 355-630mm 

Output(KW): 6kw(10kw) 

Rated Frequency: 50 Hz 

Insulation Class: B (F) 

Protection Class: IP23

Cooling Method: IC0 IC1 IC2 IC3

Mounting Type: IMB3


ⅠProduct Overview

Y, YKS and YKK series are high voltage squirrel-cage asynchronous motors which can apply to drive various ventilators, compressors, water pumps, crushers, chipping machines, transporting machines and other equipments.

YR, YRKS and YRKK series are high voltage winding asynchronous motors, and this series of motors can provide large starting torque at low starting currents, and the speed can be adjusted within a certain scope. They often apply to drive hoists, rolling mills and pulling machines.

The motor rated frequency is 50Hz, the rated voltage is 6KV (10KV).

The motor model spectrum, main specifications and performances are in accordance with relevant standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The motors have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noises, low vibrations, high reliability, long service life and easy installation and maintenance.

ⅡStructural Features

The motors adopt box-structure, and the motor base which made of steel plates was welded to box type with the features of light weight and good stiffness. Various coolers can be assembled on the top of the motor base to have various cooling forms and various protective grades.

The stator windings adopt F grade insulation materials, and the temperature rising is check according to B grade. The winding was treated with vacuum pressure impregnating in solvent free paints processing (VPI) and its insulation performance achieve the level of high-class products according to the “Coil Classification Standard”. It has high reliability.

The rotor was designed to cage model or winding model to fit for different applications; the squirrel-cage model rotors has two structures: cast aluminum and copper bar to meet the different requirements of working conditions. The rotor has passed the dynamic balance check and the running is stable and reliable. The protective grade is IP23 or other forms.

The motor cooling form is IC0 or IC1, IC2, IC3 and so on.

The basic installation form of the motor is horizontal type with footing (IMB3).

The main terminal box was put at right of the motor (look from the shaft extension end), and it can also be put at left according to customer requirement. There are separate grounding terminals inside and outside the box.

According to customer requirements temperature measuring devices can be added on stator windings, bearing and other important parts to facilitate the on site observing or remote monitoring and to ensure the safe and reliable operating of the motor.

Ⅲ Motor Model Instructions

Y YKS YKK YRKS High Voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

Ⅳ Working Conditions

The motor can be rated operating under the following conditions:

Altitude above sea level shall not exceed 1000M.

The ambient air temperature range is -15℃ to 40℃

The relevant humidity should be no more than 95% (no condensation)

The allowable voltage deviation should be no more than ±5% during the motor running.

The rated frequency of the motor is 50Hz during the motor running, and the allowable deviation should be no more than ±1%.

The motor is transmitted by coupling.

Ⅴ Ordering Instruction

The data provided are in accordance with the “JB/T 7593-94 Y series high voltage three phase asynchronous motor technical conditions”, and correspond with relevant standards at home and abroad.

Please specify the motor model, poles, rated power, rated voltage, rated frequency, installation form, protective grade, cooling forms and environment conditions when you place an order.

If the users have other special conditions or requirements, please sign technical agreement with us. 

The rotating direction of the motor: rotating at clockwise direction (looking from the main shaft extension end), or else, please specified.

With the technical progress of the products and the modification of relevant standards, some specifications may changed without notification.

Ⅵ Technical Data

 Please download the catalogue or contact us.


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