In July 2022, Under The Leadership Of Various Leaders, The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Visited College Students Who Had Just Graduated To The Company For Internships To Learn About Their Internships And Whether They Have Living Needs. In Response To The Questions They Raised, They Implemented Them To The Relevant Responsible Departments And Asked Them To Do A Good Job In Service Assurance. Encourage Students To Apply The Knowledge They Have Learned To The Actual Work And Visit The Dormitories Of Intern Students To See If The Indoor Air Conditioners Can Be Used Normally, And Also Advise Them Not To Use Large Electrical Appliances To Avoid Circuit Breaks And Fires, Saying That They Are The Future Of The Company And The Hope For Enterprise Development. Ykk Motor Assembly. 
 Group Of Company Sealocean's Brushless Acless Starter Motor Should Pay Attention To Daily Use. If You Want To Replace The Brush, You Must Clean The Dust And Powder Falling Around It. After Using Alcohol Or Gasoline To Clean The Converter, Replace The New Brush, And You Can't Remember To Reverse Control The Operation During Daily Operation To Prevent Excessive Current. After Replacing The New Brush, The Motor Is No-loaded First, And The First Run-in Is In Operation, So That When You Check The Matching Degree, You Can Also Find Out If There Are Other Problems. 
 Group Of Company Sealocean Has Launched New After-sales Service Measures. After Choosing Our Products, There Will Be Special Technical Personnel On-site To Explain The Performance And Advantages Of The Products, How To Use Them, Etc., On-site To Answer Product Questions Or After-sales Questions Raised By Customers, Guide The Customer's Team To Use The Products Safely And Efficiently, And Daily Storage Precautions, Etc., As Well As Solutions To Common Daily Problems, So That Customers Do Not Have To Worry About The Use Of The Problem, Each Of Our Products Has Detailed Instructions For Use And Arranged Professional Customer Service Tracking Services. 
Our High-voltage Large And Medium-sized Motors Have Multiple Series, Including Yr Series, Yrkknt Series, Ylkk Series, Yks Series And Other Different Series. According To The Function Of The Motor, The Suitable Industry And The Core Components, The Products Are Divided Into Multiple Series. Some Customers Say Why Give The Product Such A Model Name? When Formulating, Our Product Models Are Arranged In Accordance With The Specification Code + Product Code Specified By The National Standard, So That Internal Employees Can Quickly Know The Product Style Of Each Model And Assemble The Ykk Motor. 
 Ykk Motor Assembly, Many Motor Industry Products On The Market Are The Same, And The Price Can Only Be Compared. How Can We Break Through This "Strange Circle"? If You Want To Stand Out In The Industry, You Have To Use Differentiated Products To Take The Lead In Occupying The Market. There Are Mass Conventional Products To Stabilize The Market. Our R&d Team Not Only Has Advantages In R&d, They Also Dig Deep Into The Market And Understand The Market's Marketing Strategies. Timely Launch Of Products Needed By The Market, Help Many Customers Quickly Open New Markets And Increase Sales. 
 Group Of Company Sealocean's Products Can Only Be Produced And Shipped Normally After Going Through 7 Strict Acceptance Processes. Otherwise, Any Unqualified Inspection In The Middle Will Not Be Transferred To The Next Process For Production. After The Product Is Produced, The Quality Inspection Department Will Conduct Spot Inspections. After The Spot Inspections Are Passed, The Factory Will Be Allowed To Ship. It Is Under Our Strict Requirements And Quality Control That We Have Won The Trust Of Our Customers Again And Again. Many Customers Have Cooperated With Us For A Long Time To Stabilize Their Dominant Market Position. 
Group Of Company Sealocean Has Many Skilled Technical Workers. They Are Senior Employees Who Grow And Progress With The Company. They Can Operate Production Machinery Very Skillfully And Know The Skills Of All Aspects Of Production. They Have Put Forward Many Rationalization Opinions To Improve Product Production Quality And Progress, And They Have Been Adopted And Selected As “production Experts” By The Company. In Order To Train Them, The Company Will Also Arrange For Them To Visit Other Manufacturers To Learn From Other People's Advanced Production Experience And Skills, And Apply The Learned Knowledge Points To Future Production, Laying A Solid Foundation For Improving The Competitiveness Of The Company's Products.
GROUP OF COMPANY SEALOCEAN- we are leading manufacture for electric motor, Our main Motor products can be divided into 8 categories with 50 kinds of specifications as follow: 1) YB2 Series Explosion-proof Three-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motors for... [View More]
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