Manufacturing process and structural characteristics of YKK high-power high-voltage box-type motor,Group of company Sealocean

 Manufacturing process and structural characteristics of YKK high-power high-voltage box-type motor
2022-07-12 11:28:47
Today, Group of company Sealocean will talk about the characteristics and advantages of YKK high-power high-voltage box-type motors:
YKK series high-power and high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors are enclosed, cage-type box-type asynchronous motors with air-to-air coolers.

YKK box-type high-power high-voltage motor
1. Introduction of box-type motor
Since the late 1950s, the Westinghouse (WH) company of the United States first developed the F/A series of box-type motors. Later, the box-type structure was widely used in medium and large AC and DC motors abroad. In my country, box-type motors have been developed since the 1970s. Therefore, the basic series of medium-sized high-voltage motors newly designed by Group of company Sealocean . in recent years all adopt box-type structures, which is the current YKK series high-voltage motors. Three-phase asynchronous motor.

YKK motor (6KV)
Second, the main advantages of the box structure
The universality of YKK box-type motor parts is very high, not only between the same series of motors, but also between synchronous motors and induction motors, such as the aforementioned Westinghouse F/A series. In the early 1980s, our country introduced the technology of Siemens to produce 6 kinds of large-scale rolled steel DC motors. Except for the bearing, all the stators, rotors, brush frames, end shields, chassis and so on are all common.
Secondly , for motors with split-half covers, motors with various protection types and different cooling systems can be easily derived just by using different covers. In this way, as long as the partial structure of the motor housing is changed, the needs of different users can be met, thereby shortening the production cycle and reducing the production cost.
Small and medium-sized motor stator cores can be externally press-fitted. In this way, not only can the stator iron core be press-fitted, rolled off the assembly line, dipped in paint, and the processing of the base and outer cover can be divided into two parallel production lines at the same time, which shortens the production cycle, and after the externally-pressed stator iron core is rolled off the assembly line, it is easy to use the overall , vacuum, pressure dipping (VP1) process, improve the quality of insulation treatment, but also reduce the temperature rise of the winding. In addition, if a proper tire is used when the stator iron core is stacked, the machining of the inner circle of the iron core (usually grinding the inner circle on a vertical lathe) can be completely eliminated, thereby reducing the no-load additional loss of the stator teeth.
3. Common parameters of YKK high-power high-voltage motors
YKK series high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor is a closed cage type asynchronous motor with an empty-air cooler. This motor is a high-voltage and high-power product independently developed and designed by our company according to the market demand. The base and end cover are made of steel plates and adopt a box-type structure. Open the top cover to observe the internal conditions of the motor, and all parts can be disassembled , easy to install and maintain. The degree of protection is IP44 or IP54, and the cooling method is IC611.
YKK motors have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, light weight, reliable performance, and convenient installation and maintenance. It can be used to drive a variety of different machinery. Such as fans, compressors, water pumps, crushers, cutting machine tools and other equipment, and can be used as the driving force for coal mines, machinery industry, power plants and various industrial and mining enterprises.
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